Past Events



Halloween 2019


Spooky costumes, special spooky cakes and more including the old favourites of the tombola, raffle and lucky dip

Ray of Light

Summer Events 2019


Summer 2019 was HOT ! At our Summer event even the punch balloons kept bursting... We also attended the school fete and the Village Fun Day making sure First Steps is involved in the village community

Twycross Zoo.jpg

Zoo Trip, May 2019


Lots of children and their parents/carers spent the day exploring Twycross Zoo... Some staff came along to look after those children who weren't otherwise accompanied so that they could join in the fun. There were some very tired little ones (and a few tired big ones) by the end of the day !

Celebrating 50 years of Playgroup in Barlestone - 2018


A short street parade followed by stalls and games themed around the 6 decades of the last 50 years when there was a playgroup in Barlestone (1960s to date). We then buried a time capsule in the front playground of the Old School Hall to be opened in 2068 !