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First Steps Committee

Why do we need a committee?


As a community playgroup, First Steps belongs to all of us, it can’t be bought out by a private concern and it must be run by the community, for the community. So, each year in October, an Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held where volunteers from the First Steps and local communities put themselves forward to help ensure that First Steps can continue to run.  There are four main committee roles: Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary and Treasurer, and a number of additional committee members who support all aspects of the Committee's responsibilities.  There are a minimum number of people who have to vote and agree on any proposed changes for a decision to be considered valid.

The Committee members volunteer a few hours per month of their time and also meet at least 10 times a year to manage a range of matters such as:

  • Fundraising;

  • Finances;

  • Staff pay and contracts;

  • Policies for a high quality provision and appropriate safeguarding;

  • Ensuring First Steps works within the standards set by OFSTED; and,

  • Working in partnership with parents/carers and the local community.

Who are we?


Chair Person: Mark Lickess (

Secretary: Christine Hayes

Treasurer: To be filled

Manager / Committee Member: Emma Gadsby (see "Contact" page)

Committee Member: Emma Taylor

Committee Member: Ashleigh Chapman

Committee Member: Alicia Hunt

Committee Member: Rachael Colman

If you would ever like to discuss anything with one of the Committee, or are interested in helping either as part of the committee, or on a more informal basis, we'd be delighted. You can either contact one of the above directly, or pop a note in your child's book-bag which the manager (Emma) will action accordingly. 

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