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July 2021 Parents Comments...
"Due to Covid, Chloe had little chance to meet people which has made her quite shy, First Steps has helped her to make new friends and to meet new people. They provide excellent care, setting and staff and I highly recommend them"
"Alison and the team have helped prepare Owen for school for Owen, also working with us as parents and the school itself"
"First Steps is brilliant! She has loved coming. She is more confident since her her time at First Steps"
"A very personalised approach to care and learning. Her progression has been outstanding and she will have the bonus of starting school already knowing her classmates which will make the transition easier"
"First Steps has given Olivia the confidence she needs as she moves on to school"
"Juni has always enjoyed coming and tells us nothing but fun and exciting things. She has clearly been looked after."
"The service is great."

July 2020 Parents Comments...
"Attending before school has done her good and she is now ready for school"
"Jessica has really enjoyed her time at playgroup and she will miss all the ladies when she goes to big school"
"In her time at playgroup she has done very well and her confidence has grown"
"First Steps has been fantastic at helping her grow"
"We want to thank all the lovely staff who have made Anastasia's time fun, fulfilling and happy"

July 2019 Parents Comments...
"Amazing, wonderful, excellent, fantastic ! His time at playgroup has prepared him for school and given him the great opportunity of getting to know some friends who will be with him in his new class"
"Very positive, has always engaged and brought on his development - a very good playgroup, helpful and supportive"
"First Steps has been very rewarding for her, she has seen huge social development and is now completely ready for school"
"You are a strong team and the encouragement you give the children helps each and everyone of them to thrive"
"A huge thank you for making Ruby's playschool experience such an amazing time; she's going to miss everyone now she's going to school"
"Oliver has really enjoyed his time at playgroup and has come on leaps and bounds, his confidence has improved significantly"

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