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Prospectus and information leaflet
The attached prospectus gives detailed information about the setting, our background, our staff and how we operate. Please take a look as it may well answer any questions you have. The leaflet is an abbreviated version.

New prospectus coming soon!

How can parents help at playgroup?
As a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance we recognise parents as the first and foremost important educators for their children. All of our staff team see themselves as co-workers with you in providing care and education for your child.  There are many ways in which a parent can take part in making the playgroup a welcoming and stimulating place for children and their families, such as:
• Exchanging knowledge about their child’s needs and much more when filling out the “All about me” booklet;
• Helping out at sessions and on outings;
• Being involved in our committee;
• Bringing any skills or experiences you may have to the setting, e.g. doing a talk or workshop with the children; 
• Joining in / supporting the community based activities First Steps takes part in, e.g. helping out on stalls etc; and,
• Supporting our fund raising events, to improve and build on our facilities, e.g. donating a prize for raffles

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